Why are there so few institutions for single parents? Isn’t it important to keep us healthy?

After all almost 7 out of 10 marriages get separated in Spain which is more than 50% and more then the average in Europe which is below 50% according to an article in La Vanguardia.

Although numbers of separations are so high single parents barely get any support at all. There is no financial support, no reduction on taxes, nursery or public transport – just to name a few – like for families with 3 and more kids. Even though the financial situation is similar or even worse.

During separation parents and kids go through a tough situation and it would definitely be useful to get support during this difficult phase of life. Kids as well as parents would benefit from it. And I am not only referring to financial support but also psychological support, support on daycare and legal issues.

I think we single parents should get together and “fight” for better conditions. That’s why I have created an initiative to build up a Center of Support for Single Parents. You can find all the details of the invitiative on the web of Madrid Decide. If you would like to support the initiative, please go to following link: Centro de apoyo para familias monoparentales.

Further initiatives on this subject:

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