We have been to the Bebeteca at Casa Encendida today and enjoyed it! It was our first time, and will definitely not be our last time!

Despite the rainy weather we headed outside and walked to the Bebeteca. It’s located near Glorieta de Embajadores and you can easily get there by metro (line 3). The metro stop has en elevator, so no problem if you bring your pram.

In Casa Encendida you need to take a few steps to get to the elevator, but the friendly security guy will give you a hand without asking.

We met some very nice people there. An Italian couple with their 2 year old son, a Swedish-American couple with their two girls and a German-Persian dad with his 18 month old son. It’s nice because you get in touch so easily with other parents if you have young kids, it’s like with dogs 🙂

If you long for a coffee or some cake you can visit the cafeteria on the ground floor, which is nice and airy, lots of space for your pram and wonderful cakes although the service could be a bit more friendly.

Lending books is easy, you need to fill in a form and will then get a library card. You can lend books for 20 days and then renew once for another 20 days on the internet. If you bring them back late you will be penalised by not being able to lend books for as many days as you have failed to bring them back.

Ah and there is enough space for babies to crawl around and discover the books!

All in all a great experience and I really encourage everybody to visit the Bebeteca.

Opening hours: Saturday & Sunday 10.00-13.30
Check out the website: http://www.lacasaencendida.es/biblioteca

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