Today was a rainy day and we decided to do an indoor activity with our kids. Bowling seemed to be the ideal activity for a rainy afternoon.

We went to La Ermita Bowling close to Puente de San Isidro. It’s located in an old Shopping Center. The place itself is very fifties style, it’s big. There are at least 20 lanes.

Before you get to play you need to get your bowling shoes and and names set up on the screen. We asked for the first two lanes which were on the other side of the room so we had enough space for all the kids and the two prams.

We split our group of about 10 people into two, one lane for the adults and one for the kids. This showed to be a very wise idea. You get caught up chatting so easily, forget time and suddenly it’s 2 hours later! The kids were even finished before us!

I must admit there are better bowlers than me, but I still got one strike!! Of course the ball went down the gutter a couple of more times…

However, I really had a very good time! Thanks folks!

Here some pictures:

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Check out the website of La Ermita Bowling for further information:

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