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When I became a single parent I started searching the internet for information. What am I supposed to do, is my baby going to be fine, where can I find help, are there other single parents out there, whom can I turn to if I feel stressed, etc etc. Thousand questions went through my head. I found very little information and that’s when I decided to create my own page.

My aim is to create a place for single parents where you can find useful information, exchange ideas and experiences, find support, participate on activities with other single parents and their kids and much more….!

Feel free to send us your ideas, questions, doubts, suggestions etc. through our contact form or send an mail to singleparentsmadrid@gmail.com.

We also look for collaboration with psychologists, lawyers, midwifes, nannies, grandparents, etc. If you feel you can contribute or you want to collaborate with us then please contact us: singleparentsmadrid@gmail.com.

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